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Students for National Values: The Great Debaters Contest

The Great Debaters Contest is a high school debate show that drives conversations about key political and socio-economic issues. The show has spread to cover over 700 high schools in 12 regions across the country and provides an opportunity to young people aged between 15-19 years to tackle national, continental and global issues, thus giving them a voice to contribute positively to matters governance and development.

The show airs on KBC Channel 1 from Monday to Friday at 6.20pm.

Brand Kenya Board partnered with Great Debaters Contest to highlight and create awareness on Kenya National Values through the Debaters across all regions. This is in line with the Board’s role of uniting Kenyans and providing them with positive information about the country in order to promote patriotism and national pride.

Values exert a major influence on the behaviour of an individual and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. They inspire our actions and attitudes, and provide a framework for living. Kenya National values are therefore key beliefs of a nation guiding the actions and behavior of its citizens. They are binding and are a composite from the Kenya Constitution 2010, which calls for each individual make national values part of their lives to enhance nationalism and promote social cohesion.

The values include honoring God, being patriotic, promoting national unity, sharing and devolution of power, respecting the rule of law, democracy and participation of the people, respecting human dignity and rights, promoting social justice, non-discrimination and protection of the marginalized, practising good governance, practicing integrity, promoting transparency and accountability, as well as promoting sustainable development for economic growth and the country’s wellbeing.

The partnership offered a platform for the Board to inculcate Kenya national values to high school students, who are the leaders and decision makers for a future Kenya.

Apart from speaking to students and teachers directly at debate venues before the official commencement of the debate competitions, the Board also leveraged on the platform to create awareness on national values through;

  • Debate Motions

Most motions debated in the 12 regions involving more than 700 schools were hinged on Kenya national values as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here, students got an opportunity to interrogate issues around Kenya national values.

  • The Students’ Talent Corner

The Board also set up a “Talent Corner” in each debate contest venue to leverage on the various talents of students present during the debate. This was done by developing topics to guide students develop poems, quotes, essays, songs, short skits, and any other creative works based on national values.

  • On ground activations Execution

The following are some of the activities that the Board engaged in on the ground;

  • Rewards for the students

Brand Kenya awarded the winning school in each region a cash prize of KES. 50,000. This was to help run their debating clubs in schools and encourage them to be champions of Kenya national values.

  • Culture: Engage a cultural experience for the schools.

The Board also set up a cultural experience corner in all debate venues where students were able to sample cultural arte00facts from various communities have to offer in form of culture and heritage. The cultural experience corner was a great learning opportunity for the students.  

  • Fun t-shirts to pass the message; simplify the values in the t-shirts.

The Board also distributed t-shirts with simplified messages on national values to remind them of the role they can play in improving the image of the country. Wristbands were also disseminated at debate venues. Booklets on Kenya national values were distributed as well.