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Public Service Branding

Public Service is a crucial element of transformation in line with Vision 2030 and the image of the country. The actions and attitudes of Public Servants contribute to the country’s ratings as a destination and also shape public perception of government’s performance. Vision 2030 envisages “an efficient, motivated and well trained Public Service as one of its major foundations”.

In light of this, Brand Kenya Board has developed a Public Service Branding Manual to unify the image of the entire public service and address prevailing challenges that paint public service as slow, vague, non-committal, and in the process enhance public service delivery.

This program focuses on embedding the concepts of branding and customer care into the management of Public Service. The objective is to ensure that the Public Service, which is the face government, projects the right image.

The initiative thus seeks to:

  • Brand and position Public Service as a top corporate citizen.
  • Provide brand identity for communication in the Government.
  • Support foundations of Vision 2030 in the development of the Public Sector.
  • Articulate who the public service is and what it stands for.
  • Redefine a poorly defined  and undifferentiated Public Service brand pictured as slow and incompetent
  • Build employees’ trust and pride, while encouraging them to act as ambassadors.

Meet the needs of an informed public who expect timely, efficient and fair access to information and service.