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Pals of Kenya are brand ambassadors who play a key role in communicating what a country brand purposes to be. When the brand identity is supported, especially from the grassroots level, the citizens generally become proud ambassadors of their country and therefore can be fundamental in regards to shaping a country’s perceptions. The country’s success depends on her people’s willingness to bring the brand to life. Participation of brand ambassadors whom citizens look up to, and emulate to humanize and endorse the brand should have the  impact below ;

• Demonstrate an active commitment to promoting the Kenya Brand
• Commit to Kenya’s national values as espoused in Chapter 2 of the Constitution
• Commitment to the Leadership and Integrity as espoused in Chapter Six of the Kenyan Constitution
• Communicate effectively and passionately about the Country
• Currently actively promoting the Kenyan Brand within the communities they are working in
• Demonstrate Leadership traits that promote transformation in their professional life
• Should embody the brand personalities i.e. resilient, brave, hardworking, warm, open or entrepreneurial.