Nitakuwepo 2018-07-28T10:13:34+00:00

Brand Kenya launched the Nitakuwepo (I will be there) campaign, whose aim was to promote patriotism and bring about a change of attitude towards the country Kenya. The successful campaign was a rallying call for all Kenyans to be proactive and take individual responsibility in building Kenya, given that Kenyans already exuded a great measure of patriotism and love for Kenya.

The campaign that was launched in 2011 was a nation branding campaign to increase citizen’s participation in making a difference and called upon every Kenyan to make a conscious and personal decision to rise up and be counted as an individual first. The campaign’s slogan was “Mimi ni Kenya na Kenya ni Mimi” (I am Kenya and Kenya is me) was an appeal for ‘one and all to arise’ and be brand ambassadors for Kenya in everything that they do.