Made In Kenya Initiative

Kenya remains a powerhouse in matters exports. As at December 2017, the top leading export products included tea (25%), horticulture (19%), and articles of apparel (6%), coffee (2%), tobacco products (2%); and iron & steel products (2%). Some of the export markets for these products include UK, Netherlands, US and Pakstan. Kenya for instance remains the 3rd largest exporter of Flowers to European Union, accounting to about 35% of all the cut flowers in that market.

Kenya is globally known as a large exporter of products like tea, horticulture (flowers), apparel & clothing accessories, coffee, tobacco products, iron & steel products, medicinal & pharmaceutical products; and edible products & preparations.

The local manufacturing sector has remained steady, having been earmarked as a priority area in the country’s Big 4 Development Agenda, alongside other sectors like housing, agriculture and food security and health.

But all these locally produced goods and services carry no unique mark to show their origin, especially in the face of increased competition from imports of goods and services that is a threat to locally produced ones.

Without a unique and distinct differentiator, Kenyan goods lose their originality and hence their preference in the local and global market.

To address this gap and create more value proposition and enhance com

petitiveness for Kenyan products and services on local and global markets, Brand Kenya Board in conjunction with other stakeholders developed a “Made in Kenya Brand Mark” to help identify and authenticate locally-manufactured products on local and global markets. This will encourage local production of goods. And the only way we can keep this constant is if there is a high demand for the produce locally. It will also ensure that producers take the responsibility of producing quality finished products for the local, regional and global markets.

While there are other marks in the market, this Mark of Identity combines both excellence and identity.Additionally, it’s a consistent communication for Kenyan products.

The Mark to be placed on all Kenyan products promises consumers of authentic, organic and high quality products originating from Kenya. .

The Mark will therefore enable consumers locally and abroad to identify a product as Kenyan and associate it with quality and authenticity; create a strong brand proposition for Kenyan-made products and services which is centered on quality and authenticity.  The Mark will also enhance competitiveness of Kenyan products locally, regionally and internationally, as well as strengthen Kenya’s position as a Made-in country in a bid to position the country as an Industrial hub for Africa.

A micro-site  has also been developed and will list and promote all companies and brands that adopt the mark.