Made in Kenya Brand Mark to position authenticate Kenyan goods on global markets

Brand Kenya Board has launched a Made in Kenya Brand Mark to help authenticate and reposition Kenyan made goods and services locally and globally.

Although the local manufacturing sector remains steady and have been earmarked as a priority area in the country’s Big 4 Development Agenda, all these locally produced goods and services carry no unique mark to show their origin, more so in the face of increasing competition from imports of goods and services that is a threat to locally produced ones.

Without a unique and distinct differentiator, Kenyan goods lose their originality and to an extent, their preference in the local and global market.

The Mark therefore seeks to address this gap and create more value proposition and enhance competitiveness for Kenyan products and services on local and global markets. It will help identify and authenticate locally-manufactured products on local and global markets and encourage local production of quality goods. The Brand Mark will also ensure that producers take the responsibility of producing quality finished products for the local, regional and global markets.  

While there are other marks in the market, this Mark combines both excellence and identity. Additionally, it’s a consistent communication for Kenyan products.