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Brand Kenya Board will successful ran nation branding story dubbed +254 to promote patriotism amongst Kenyans and rally them to be the country’s brand ambassadors as a way of fostering unity. The campaign was launched at the height of political campaigns which was largely characterized by hate speech and tribal spite. This drew many Kenyans into political camps that adversely withered the image of Kenya the brand both internally and externally.

With slogans like Tunajijua, Tunajitambua and Tuko na Plus Kibao, the overall message was to encourage and rally Kenyans to believe in the brand and to collectively guard the gains that the country has made since independence.

The campaign thus urged all Kenyans to have a shared purpose and vision for the country and speak or write positively about Kenya the brand to ensure that all Kenyans safeguard a formidable nation brand.

The first phase was a 360 campaign showcasing Kenya’s achievements in different sectors of the economy with a tagline +254 Tuko na Plus Kibao. The sectors that were more focused on are health, trade, youth, as well as public service delivery.

The actual campaign was a series of activities including creative radio activations on more than 21 stations in different languages across the country, billboards, TVCs and print advertising. The most memorable bit about this campaign was a music jingle dubbed +254 with a video and lyrics that has so far hit over 1.7 million viewers on You Tube.