A brand is a "promise delivered". In the case of a country, branding is the strategic self-expression of the essential truth or value of a country, its characteristics, values, and attributes that clarify what this country is and is not, coupled with ensuring that the country lives up to these characteristics, values, and attributes. Countries undertake branding in order to:

  • Attract tourists, stimulate inward investment, boost exports and, attract students and workers.
  • Gain influence in international affairs
  • Strengthen the identity and self-esteem of citizens
  • Increase its ability to win against regional and global business competitors, and defend its own market.
  • Help erase misconceptions and negative stereotypes about a country

Our Strategy for Branding Kenya

Brand Master Plan

The Board’s programs are anchored on six pillars which have an impact on the Kenya Brand. Our strategic areas of focus have thus been influenced by these four pillars. They include:-


Increased competition from imports of goods and services is a real threat to locally produced ones. Kenya must therefore balance her position as a regional provider of quality, reliable and affordable goods.

Without a unique and distinct differentiator, Kenyan goods lose their originality and hence their preference in the local and global market. To address this, and equally enhance the competitiveness of the country's products and services, the Board in conjunction with other stakeholders developed a mark of identity with the buy line "Made in Kenya". This mark will distinguish our goods and services locally and internationally.

While there are other marks in the market, the Mark of Identity combines both excellence and identity.Additionally, it’s a consistent communication for Kenyan products.

As a value proposition, the Mark of Identity supports the Government's policy of Buy Kenya, Build Kenya as spearheaded by the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Trade.


County Branding is a critical component of nation branding. By developing a brand, Counties create a competitive identity to attract tourism and investments. This accelerates the level of growth of both County and National brands.

The Board has put in place a tailor made program to harness the uniqueness of counties to become regional centres of excellence. The County Governments must therefore ensure that they position themselves attractively for tourism, trade and investment inflows. This is likely to have the following benefits:

  1. Attract the establishment of new businesses (Domestic and Foreign)
  2. Growth of an industrial base.
  3. Develop the tourist and business visitor industries.
  4. Create wealth as towns that are specialized in a specific area.
  5. Improved standards of living for the residents

National County Branding Convention 2016 Presentation


Branding a nation is the responsibility of every citizen. In this respect, Brand Kenya Board developed this program to inspire the citizens to be proactive in nation building.

The Kenya Vision 2030 and other policy documents and initiatives envision an equitable society that is politically, economically and socially cohesive and integrated, where the citizens have a shared vision and sense of belonging while appreciating diversity.

These trends points to a lack of a value based lifestyle in our society. The ‘Kenya Ni Mimi’ program was initiated to inspire pride, patriotism and social cohesion among kenyans in order to contribute positively to development.

Our National Values
Commandments for a better Kenya


The Kenya Vision 2030 envisions a better society, globally competitive and prosperous with a high quality of life. This transformation requires concerted effort and support from all citizens and stakeholders. Public Service is a crucial element of transformation in line with Vision 2030 and the image of the country. The actions and attitudes of Public Servants contribute to the country’s ratings as a destination and also shape the public perception of government’s performance. Vision 2030 envisages “an efficient, motivated and well trained Public Service as one of its major foundations”.

The Government’s Public Sector transformation strategy is a dynamic and focused process designed to reshape the Public Service to accomplish its role in the achievement of Vision 2030. This transformation strategy represents a transition for the Public Service and a more cohesive, long term approach to reform.

In light of this, Brand Kenya Board undertakes Public Service Rebranding project that aims at addressing the aforementioned challenges given majority of their root causes have been identified. This program focuses on embedding the concepts of branding and customer care into the management of Public Service. The objective is to ensure that the Public Service, which is the face government, projects the right image.


The objective of this program is to enhance the role of the Kenyans in the Diaspora in three critical aspects.

  1. For knowledge and skills transfer
  2. For country marketing as ambassadors
  3. Diaspora as investors

Kenya Diaspora Policy

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