Brand Kenya Board (BKB) is a state corporation established in March 2008 in accordance with the State Corporations Act (CAP. 446). The rationale behind the establishment of the Board was the Government’s commitment to put in place an integrated coordinating mechanism for building and enhancing the Country’s image and national identity and rallying its citizens behind it.


The mandate of the board as set out in the legal notice, the Brand Kenya Board Order of 15th March 2008 is as follows:

  1. To coordinate initiatives for marketing the country in order to maximize their efficiency; and
  2. To create and maintain the Kenya brand, to identify and distinguish Kenyan products, services and concepts.


The functions of Brand Kenya Board (BKB) as stipulated in the Brand Kenya Board Legal Notice Order No. 38 of March 2008 are to:

  • Establish a brand for Kenya which positions the country optimally in terms of investment, creditworthiness, tourism and international relations;
  • Unite Kenyans and provide them with positive information about the country in order to promote patriotism and national pride;
  • Establish an integrated approach within government and private sector towards international marketing of Kenya;
  • Build national support for the brand within Kenya with the cooperation of the Government, non-governmental organizations and the private sector;
  • Promote local products and services to encourage economic transformation;
  • Encourage commitment to quality and innovation among businesses and people;
  • Assist different towns and cities in the country to improve their image; and
  • Undertake measures aimed at improving the international image of Kenya.


To be the lead agency in transforming Kenya into a competitive global brand.


To build a strong country brand that fosters national pride, patriotism and earns global recognition and preference.


To build a robust organization culture, the following values will guide all employees of Brand Kenya Board:

  1. Passion: We will carry out our duties and responsibilities with zeal and devotion.
  2. Patriotism: We will uphold patriotic ideals of the country.
  3. Integrity: We will uphold competency, honesty, reliability and responsiveness in discharging our mandate.
  4. Teamwork: We will embrace team work to enhance commitment and attainment of the institutional goals and objectives.
  5. Innovation: We value novelty, creativity, improvement and also committed to tracking global trends and initiating appropriate responses.

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