As a branding agency, Brand Kenya Board will strive to attract and retain the best talent of intellectuals and gifted professionals. We are dedicated to helping you perform at your best and realize your full potential. We promote a diverse and all-inclusive culture; we reward performance for work well done and value all innovation by our employees.

At Brand Kenya Board we are dedicated to helping you perform at your level best and realize your full potential. We provide new challenges and responsibilities, attract brilliance and nurture talent to enhance personal growth. The Board has clear policy and procedures to promotions, regular and fair evaluations, training and capacity building for new skills and above all personalized coaching and mentoring programs.

We at Brand Kenya Board look for:

  • High potential, high energy, motivation, ambition, innovation, creativity, integrity, flexibility, resilience, hard work, team player and self starter.
  • Ability to personify high levels ethics and professionalism
  • Trust, simplicity, values-based and transformative leader
  • Care for customers, colleagues/teams and stakeholder


Being a public Institution, the Board will advertise all vacant positions where every Kenyan is given equal opportunity to apply and ensure you are the right fit for the role. The process will however vary depending on the role you are being interviewed for, and the functional area in which the role sits.

Advertised positions will remain open for twenty one (21) days from the date of first advertisement and the applications will be received either manually or online and will be entered into the Recruitment Register.

You will need to review your resume before attaching to confirm it is suitable for the role, presenting relevant skills and experience. Clear job requirements and application guidelines/instructions will be placed on the advertisement.


The Interview processes are job-related and will differ depending on the role assessed for. In some cases, interviews may involve testing of technical knowledge of the role or assessment of your analytical skills and problem solving skills.

Interviews will be opportunities to socialize with you and get to know you better. You are encouraged to research about the Board and be sure to ask any questions. The interview process will seek to establish your experience, past responsibilities and achievements, as well as your strengths. There is no right or wrong answers, the purpose will be to ensure free and open interaction to ensure we are fit for each other.


In line with Government policy on internship and industrial attachment, Brand Kenya Board shall offer limited attachment and/or internship opportunities to students pursuing a degree programme and those who have recently graduated and wish to get some practical work experience.

Available opportunities will be posted on the Board’s website on quarterly basis and selected students will be given opportunity to learn corporate skills and relate it to what they have learnt in college.

Student applicants wishing to be considered will be required to send their profiles and recommendation letters from their Universities at least two months before commencement of new quarter indicating their area of interest. The selected students will be exposed to the Board’s programmes that will help them utilize their potential and will be required to log-in daily the assignments undertaken.

On completion of attachment/internship, high performing students will be retained as a talent pool for entry level roles or short term engagement for specific projects.

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