1. Madison Insurance Provision of motor vehicle insurance 7/08/2017 BKB/PRC/7/VOL.1
2. Ash down Limited Design and maintenance of Website 7/01 2017 BKB/PRC/7/VOL.1
3. Jubilee insurance Co. Limited. Staff Medical insurance Cover 30/09/ 2017 BKB/OT/002/2015-2017
4. MFI Office Solutions. Repairs and servicing of Office copiers. 30/10/ 2016 BKB/PRC/7/VOL.1
5. Infotrak Research &
Consulting Limited.
Marketing research consultancy
services to design a country competitiveness index
1/03/2017 BKB/PRC/7/VOL.1/49
6. Access Kenya Limited Provision of Internet connectivity 31/08/2017 BKB/IT HQ-16/2016-2017
7. Aimat company Limited Provision of cleaning services to the
board for a period of one year
31/07/ 2017 BKB/PRC/7/VOL.1/50
8. Kenya Bureau of
Management system certification
18/06/2018 KEBS/QMS/RF/165 REV 01
9. Rex Kiosk Supply and delivery of newspapers 30/09/2017 BKB/PRC/07/VOL.16-17(1)
10. Timeless Courier Provision of courier services for the Board 14/09/2017 BKB/PRC/07/VOL.1/16-17(2)
11. Media Edge Interactive Limited Provision of strategic agency services 04/01/2018 BKB/ONT/001/2016/2017
12. Media Compete East Africa Limited Provision of media agency services 04/01/2018 BKB/ONT/002/2016/2017
13. Inter Management Group (IMG) Kenya Limited Provision of public relations (PR) & events agency services 04/01/2018 BKB/ONT/003/2016/2017

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