BEST PLACE OR NATION BRAND: Kenya Ministry of Tourism and G Creative

Misconceptions about the Ebola virus, among other issues, have hurt international tourism and investment in Kenya. To combat this and to inspire visitors to reconsider their notions about the East Africa nation, Kenya’s Ministry of Tourism worked with G creative to develop a new nation brand for tourism and investment.

The new brand was to inspire national pride in Kenyan citizens and contain clear call to action for businesses interested in Kenya while also providing tourists with an engaging selection of branded content.

The resulting visual identity represents Kenya speaking with one voice and “Make it Kenya” strapline allows for a variety of applications. The new brand was launched at the 2015 Expo Milan. Judges unanimously loved the Make it Kenya brand. One says, “This was a very well-executed project. What stood out the most was not just the fact that it effectively met the challenge at hand or had a nice logo, but rather that the strategy was very comprehensive. The branding translated well across all channels and really does the job that the team intended. Well done”


The World Marketing Congress Awards is an event that not only honors the world's most influential leaders in global marketing excellence but also, is a meeting place for leaders from every sector and continent that plays a major role in marketing Africa and making it great. Outstanding professionals, Top executives & brains from some of the world's biggest brands & most influential marketing organizations would converge under one roof to answer today's critical business challenges.

The 2016 World Marketing Congress Awards saw Mr. Chris Diaz Kenya Airways Marketing Director and Brand Kenya Board Director named among the most influential leaders in Global Marketing who have influenced very high standards in the industry as well as his role in marketing Africa in global markets as a trustee in Brand Africa.

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